Failover to another core

Has anyone had luck with this functionality?

Lacking more information, the steps of performing a virtual export from the Target core and then powering on the exported copy seem rather strange and perhaps troublesome. Most of the time the systems we're protecting will still be online themselves, is this article saying we have to power up a second copy of that system? That might not be possible in some environments (ie. what if you only have one VM environment that's already hosting the original system) to say nothing about any conflicts that might occur when a second copy of the system boots up and appears on the network.

  • Hi Travis:
    Failover is a way of reversing protection/replication which in some cases may be useful. I have never used in in real life situations as I prefer to achieve the same results differently but I can see how it may be helpful.

    The whole thing pertains to a disaster situation when the main (source) site goes down for some time and after some time (i.e. days, weeks), the DR site becomes the main site for that time period. After a while, the main site is brought back to life and the roles are reversed to the original configuration.

    The scenario includes a machine "A" protected by a source core which is replicated to a DR site and has a virtual stand-by "B" on the DR site. If the main site fails, through the failover process, the virtual standby "B" becomes an independent production machine protected by the Target core. No base image is needed as the new backups are added to the already existent recovery points.

    When the main site is back up and running, the standby "B" is replicated back to the core there and when it gets in sync, the replaced original machine "A" is added to protection, the direction of the replication is reversed and the standby "B" is relegated to its original role.

    Not sure if I was clear...

    I have attached this Kb article it may help to clarify the process that is Failover/Failback. It is for Appassure but the process stays the same. It also has a video that was created showing and explaining the process. Hope this helps....