• Forcing Secure Connect to use TLS protocol


    I'm running version 6.6.0 for our RR and I wanted to see how to update and force the connection using an updated TLS protocol.  We've ran security scans and RR comes back with an vulnerability.  I've tried to follow this guide here but as…

  • Malware that delete files

    Hello to all,
    for my thesis work I'm studying the various types of malware to understand their power. In particular I am studying Ransomware. My thesis consists in using file recovery tools and making statistics on how many files can be recovered.

  • Should I be running Windows Updates and antivirus on my new DL4300?



    I have a new DL4300. Should I be regularly running Windows Updates? Should I install any antivirus such as SEP or Malwarebytes Corporate? Anything I should be doing to protect it?



  • AppAssure is now Rapid Recovery – Check It Out at Microsoft Ignite

    When we released Version 6 of AppAssure backup, recovery and replication software, we added cloud friendliness, ease of use, and even more flexible protection for your vital apps and data. We also changed the name, focusing on the product’s big advantage…