RMAD FE SQL Server Roles

what's the rights SQL Server Roles to manage RMADFE?

I builded a new installation but wenn I try to run a new backup job I get this error:

Failed to start backup: cannot get backup agent access account from the Computer Collection properties.Error 0x80045055.


  • RMAD-FE uses SQL Server for

    1. generating audit reports during Online Restore;

    2. AD Forest DR execution - Persistent DB.

    therefore it has nothing to do with Scheduled Backup Jobs.

  • I guess you've moved ERDiskAD.mdb from old server to new installation. Some of your "Computer Collection" has "Backup Agent access account". Password for this account is stored in ERDiskAD.mdb and it is encrypted with machine related key. So on new server it cannot be decrypted and you have to retype password . Alternatively you can use new RMAD "Fault tolerance" feature in 9.0.1. It will replicate all settings including passwords.