How to migrate a backup set from 2012 RMAD server to 2016 RMAD server to restore 2016 DC.

We need to restore a 2016 DC, which is being backup to 2012 RMAD server. Can we migrate the backup set from 2012 to 2016 RMAD server and restore? Who should we migrate the backup set to 2016 RMAD server?

  • Standard Restore. Say you got AD DC01.bkf (AD DIT, SYSVOL, SystemState) is “intimately” tied to the DC01 Windows OS instance. Therefore, the standard (MSFT scenario) AD RMAD DR is to restore DC01.bkf on the DC01 box (healthy OS), where the bkfwas taken originally. 

    Bare-metal Restore. You may restore DC01.bkf to the box on "similar" box (exactly the same: Windows OS, Hardware/Drives etc.). Recent RMAD-DR (not RMAD-FE) supports it. In general, customer would have “exactly the same" Windows Server already prepared (just a Name, FQDN, NetBios different, say RMAD-DR will push DC01.bkf on (that will do SystemState, rename box etc.)

    I recommend open SR and Support will guide you with the OOB functionality.