RMAD Forest Edition - Full forest recovery

Hi ,

We are running RMAD Forest Edition:  10.0

I'm curious, suppose we need to recover the entire forest and no DC is available.

First of all, how do we even  log on to the RMAD console? Using local Admin? cached credentials of a Domain Admin?

Secondly, from the documentation, it always mentions that you need to start a DC in DSRM mode. If no DC is available, how does one proceed? do we install an OS (same as previous DC), same name as a DC and then some how recover it using the RMAD Console?

I'm talking about a BareMetal recovery. I tried checking the BareMetal backup and it informed me that I need a different version of RMAD.

So am i correct in that a recovery of aa DC is not possible if there is not one DC which can be booted into DSRM?



  • RMAD got 3 features:

    RMAD - online AD Object Restore to DC01.BFK (like AD Recycle Bin, but better);

    RMAD-FE (Forest Edition) - Corrupt AD Forest DR on top healthy DC01 Windows OS give DC01 is backed up DC01.BKF.

    RMAD-DRM (Disaster Recovery Mode) - Corrupt AD Forest DR on dissimilar hardware (DC server is lost) "Bare Metal Recovery" (most recent feature). 

    You are taking about RMAD-DRM, I guess.