Restore of a whole DNS zone through Quest RMAD ?

Hello Experts,

I wonder if it is possible to restore a whole DNS zone through the Quest RMAD ?

Let's say there is a disaster recovery activity to restore several DNS zones - can this be achieved through the Quest RMAD ?

I am aware that restore of a separate DNS records is possible but do not know for a whole DNS zone.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing the URL! :) 

  • Glad to help! I must confess I hadn't run into that situation but thanks to your question I now know how to solve that issue if I ever come across it, so thank *you* for asking and actively participating in the forums!

  • I want to add to this answer....  the Video linked above DOES work, but there's a caveat: You must restore the DNS zone while records for the zone are still in the DNS Cache of your RMAD server.  Once the deletion has replicated, and DNS Caching has expired, the restore wizard will get "Server Down" errors, and wrongly tell you that you have invalid credentials.  

    But don't worry - there is still a way!  

    1. Use DNS Manager to create a new (temporary) Forward Lookup Zone on the DC that you backed up with RMAD.  Use the same name as the zone that was deleted. This new zone will only have that DC as a name server.  Be sure the _msdcs, _sites, _tcp, and _udp containers appear when you create the zone. 
    2. Run the Object Restore Wizard.  When selecting objects, click "Show advanced objects", then select "DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=<domain>..."
    3. Finish the comparison operation then proceed to Restore, but before you restore the zone (before you click next on "Operation Start"), go back to DNS Manager on your DC and delete the "Temporary" forward lookup zone you created. 

    The restore operation will restore the entire zone with all records.