difference between Recovery Manager for AD (standard?) and RMAD FE

Hello!  I'm trying to understand how the licensing of RMAD works.

  • Is Forest Edition an add-on to RMAD?  In other words, do I need RMAD as a base license to install RMAD FE?
  • If not, does it make sense to own both products?

Very confusing and I can't find an explanation anywhere.  Appreciate any insight that can be shared, thanks!


  • Hi Matt - sorry for the late reply - I don't usually peruse this forum. 

    RMAD, RMAD FE, and RMAD DRE are all separate 'Editions' of Recovery Manager.  Owning a later edition automatically includes the earlier edition.  So there is no reason to have both an RMAD and an RMAD FE license.  If  you own FE then you automatically own all the features of RMAD too.   If you own DRE, then you automatically own all the features of FE and RMAD.  

    If you only own RMAD, then you can get FE or DRE for an upgrade price.  Same with FE to DRE - no reason to pay full price for the newer edition if you own an earlier one. 

    By the way - if you're looking at FE for Ransomware Recovery...?  You really need RMAD Disaster Recovery Edition (aka: DRE) in order to recover from Ransomware. 

    Hope this helps!