can you share steps for RMAD console DR strategy and make any recommendations

  • HI Pramod,   I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but the answer to this question varies depending on which Edition of RMAD you have. 

    One feature is multi-console support.  You can replicate backup information between consoles (basically the target console will know of the backups the source console created), or you can make a 2ndary "failover" RMAD console that will have all the computer collection (backup) configuration replicated to it so you can simply enable the schedules if the primary RMAD console fails. 

    Forest Edition (FE) does not include any additional DR-related features for the RMAD console itself. 

    Disaster Recovery Edition (DRE) adds the ability to "secure" backups from ransomware using either an on-prem "Secure Storage" server (essentially air-gapping them), or by placing them in an immutable cloud storage location under your / subscription. 

    As for advice?;   Air-gap your backups and store them in multiple geographical regions.   In the event of a disaster (physical or cyber), backups are the critical component.   The RMAD console itself can be installed on a new Windows Server and the backups are easily registered to it for use.  Without backups, RMAD cannot help you.   

    You can air-gap your backups using the features I described in DRE above. 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Thanks Pramod: Version is not the same as edition. There are 3 editions: 

    • RMAD (what we call “standard edition”)
    • RMADFE - or “Forest Edition”
    • RMADDRE - or “Disaster Recovery Edition”

    you can see the features these editions have from what I listed in my first reply. 

    ... And just to clarify:  RMAD and RMAD-FE cannot recover from a ransomware attack.  Only RMAD-DRE was designed for this.