Recovery manager editions

Dear all,

There are three different editions in Quest RMAD

1.) Recovery Manager for Active directory 

2.) Recovery Manager for disaster recovery edition

3.) Recovery Manager for Forest edition 

can you explain the difference on this edition? Which is more costly 

  • RMAD is used for what I call day-to-day recovery, objects, attributes, GPO's etc. RMAD FE is for forest and domain recovery where the database is corrupt, i.e. the DC is still working but the AD is having a problem and needs to be restored. RMAD DRE is for malware (scorched earth) events, such as when the DC's have been encrypted or permanently lost. You can use it to rebuild AD onto new machines using multiple recovery methods such as Install to Clean OS, BMR or install from media.

  • I understand the ability to restore objects or attributes, etc. but is there a way to use MRAD to restore a single DC that has failed?  TIA

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