Regain split a large PST into several parts

Do you have an extensive Outlook PST file? That slows down your computer or causes other problems, and you can split it into several smaller files. You can do it using various methods, depending on what software you have available and your level of technical expertise.

If you have Microsoft Outlook, you can use the built-in Archive feature to split your PST file into smaller parts. To do this,

  1. Open Outlook and go to File > Archive.
  2. Select the folders you want to include in the archive, choose a date range, and then specify where you want to store the archive file.
  3. Once complete, you will have a separate PST file for each selected folder.

If you don't have Outlook or want more control over the splitting process, you can use a third-party utility such as Regain PST Splitter. This software allows you to split PST files by size, date range, or folder structure.

  • Are you having issues with huge PST files that cause Outlook to operate slowly? Don't be concerned; Softaken is here to assist. With the help of our Softaken Split PST Tool, large PST files can be broken up into more manageable chunks. You can increase the stability and performance of Outlook by separating your PST files. Anyone can divide PST files thanks to this tool's user-friendly interface. This program automatically separates your PST files without losing any data when you choose the huge PST file and select the desired splitting option (such as dividing by size, date, email id, or folder). Even PST files that are password-protected and corrupted can be easily separated. Use the tool's free demo version to learn more about its features and capabilities.

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  • Now users can split a large PST into several parts without any hurdle or hassle with the BetaVare Outlook Split PST Tool. This application is safe to break big-size PST files into smaller parts. There are users who had no need for any other software to break PST files. This application can work with all Windows versions such as; Windows 11, Windows 10 S, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, etc. This app is also supportive of all MS Outlook versions just like; 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Users can save their separate PST files as per the required location on the desktop. Grab the free demo version without paying a single penny.

  • Splitting a large PST file is often necessary to manage data efficiently or overcome file size limitations.  Splitting a Large PST into Multiple Parts. A large PST file in Microsoft Outlook can cause performance issues, data corruption, and potential data loss. To avoid these problems, it's essential to split the PST file into smaller, more manageable parts. This process involves breaking down the original PST file into multiple smaller PST files based on different criteria, such as date size, folders, or other customized options. Several third-party tools and utilities are available that can efficiently split PST files. These tools often offer additional features and options to customize the splitting process further. Once the split is complete, you can organize the new PST files according to your preferences, such as categorizing them by date, project, or importance. By splitting a large PST into multiple parts, you can enhance Outlook's performance, reduce the risk of data corruption, and make it easier to manage your email and other data more efficiently. Regularly performing this process can help maintain a healthy Outlook environment. Use ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool This tool splits the largest PST file into smaller PST files. Just a few clicks. And 100 is a safe tool.

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  • Due to the large sized Outlook PST files, it can harm the speed of MS Outlook and create many problems such as data loss, damage, deletion, etc. To avoid all these issues, you may need to split large Outlook PST file data into multiple small files. There are many solution available in the online market to divide oversized Outlook into smaller parts. One of the best solution I recommend you try MailsDaddy PST split tool. This user-friendly and risk free software is made with an advanced algorithm due to which it can easily divide any type of PST files like: corrupted, Archived, password protected, ANSI, and Unicode. Also, it can smoothly work with all Windows Operating systems.

  • To split a large Outlook PST file, users can employ methods based on available software and technical skills. For Microsoft Outlook users, the built-in Archive feature helps divide the file into smaller parts. Open Outlook, navigate to File > Archive, select folders, set a date range, and choose a storage location. Alternatively, non-Outlook users can opt for advanced third-party tools like Gaintools Split PST Software, which enables splitting by size, date range, and folders.

  • Many tools can help split big PST files into smaller ones easily. Take a look at this link for steps on how to do it manually:

  • To split a large PST file into several parts, you can use the Weeom PST Splitter Tool, which offers a user-friendly interface and efficient splitting options. Here's how to do it:

    1. Download and install the Weeom PST Splitter Tool on your computer.
    2. Launch the tool and select the large PST file you want to split.
    3. Choose the splitting criteria such as size, date, or folder.
    4. Specify the size limit for each resulting PST file or set a date range for splitting.
    5. Select the destination folder where you want to save the split PST files.
    6. Click on the "Split" button to initiate the splitting process.
    7. Wait for the tool to split the PST file into several smaller parts as per your specified criteria.
    8. Once done, you will have multiple PST files, each containing a portion of the original data, effectively splitting the large PST into manageable parts.

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