How To Extract Outlook PST Contacts and Emails with Attachments?

Users will find two ways to remove emails, calendars, contacts, and attachments from Outlook PST files and store them in a different location. Users with advanced technical abilities who can safely follow step-by-step instructions can only execute a manual approach to extract email data from Outlook PST files. This method cannot be used to extract email data from Outlook files without technical skills.

Step 1: Set up and launch Microsoft Outlook on your PC.
Step 2: Add the PST file by using the file browser.
Step 3: Choose the file to extract and press the next button.

Step 4: Choose the PST Data File and send it to the following action.
Step 5: Choose which folder to extract single folder or the entire inbox.
Step 6: Decide where you wish to store the saved file.
Step 7: To begin the extraction process, click Finish.

Use the easy and non-technical solution to extract Outlook PST contacts and Emails with attachments with the help of this ToolsBaer Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool will permit users to extract all data from email like cc, bcc, subject, etc. which can remove all attachments from contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, and notes and save them in a different folder at a secure location. The tool helps to extract Outlook PST Contacts and Emails with Attachments with the preview of all of the attachments from Outlook emails, contacts, and calendars. This application can work to extract contacts from VCF format and calendar in an ICS format. This program is installed on Windows operating systems and works with Outlook in all versions with ease. This application provides a free just for examining this software.

Follow These Steps To Extract Email Data From Outlook PST Files

To extract email data from Outlook PST files, follow these steps.
Step 1: Choose the PST file after installing the tool.
Step 2: To extract attachments, emails, contacts, or calendars, choose the appropriate option.

Step 3: Select the browse tab to store attachments.
Step 4: Click the "Extract Now" button after choosing the save file location.

  • If users are searching for a tool to extract Outlook PST contacts and emails with attachments with the help of MailsClick Outlook PST Extractor Software is a helpful tool that can extract Outlook PST and OST data like emails, attachments, contacts, and calendars easily and save them in a separate folder without making any changes. This application allows users to operate this tool without any technical experience this is the best application for non-technical users. This application can extract contact in a VCF format and Calendar in an ICS format. This software is easy to operate on the Windows operating system. This application supports Outlook in all versions, users can extract PST attachments from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2017, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. files.

  • Extracting emails, calendars, contacts, and attachments from Outlook PST files can be done manually or using a tool like ToolsBaer Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool. The manual method is time-consuming and requires technical expertise, while the tool provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for non-technical users.

  • To extract Outlook PST contacts and emails with attachments, I will suggest using the Softaken Outlook Attachment Extractor Software, it will work, I just suggest a solution with this, I have extracted all the data from my Outlook, not only attachments, emails, and calendar, date, time. Users can extract attachments and save emails such as cc, bcc, sender email addresses, calendars, dates, etc. Users can extract contacts into VCF format and calendars in ICS format This tool is useful, and I have the best experience with this software you can also use this if you want your proper data in perfect format with the help of this tool users can extract attachments in PDF, Doc, XLS, PNG, JPG and other format. It can work without Outlook on the user's device and it is installed on all Windows OS of your computer. Users can free download and operate applications without having Outlook on their computer.

  • I suggest vMail Outlook Attachment Extractor as the best and most efficient program if you're searching for the best way to extract attachments from Outlook PST files. All PST file types are fully compatible with the software. Examples include encryption, ANSI or UNICODE, password security, corruption, and good condition. On your local drive, you can manage the original folder structure in the relevant location. It is not necessary to install MS Outlook to extract all email attachments from PST files.

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