what are best practices or recommendations for RMAD in all aspect


we are working to implement and currently installed RMAD to backup AD(20-30 ADs)
What are recommendations for RMAD while in installation. configuration or any aspect in RMAD 


  • Here are some recommendations for implementing RMAD to backup your 20-30 ADs:


    • Centralized Management: Install the RMAD Management Console on a dedicated workstation for central control.
    • Scalability: Consider the number of DCs and data volume when choosing the SQL Server edition for the RMAD database.


    • Backup Schedules: Set appropriate backup schedules for each domain, considering change frequency and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).
    • Granular Recovery: Enable granular recovery options if you need to restore specific objects or attributes.
    • Storage Management: Choose a reliable storage solution with sufficient capacity for backups and consider offsite replication for disaster recovery.
    • Security: Secure your backups with encryption and restrict access to sensitive data.

    Additional Tips:

    • Test Restores: Perform regular test restores to ensure your backups are functional.
    • Documentation: Document your RMAD configuration for future reference and troubleshooting.
    • User Training: Train your IT staff on using RMAD for backups and restores.

    These are just some starting points. For a more comprehensive setup, consult the official RMAD documentation koows echat or consider contacting Quest Software support for further guidance.

    Good luck with your RMAD implementation!

  • Hi Richa, congrats on implementing RMAD for your Active Directory backups! Here are some recommendations for installation, configuration, and general use:



    • Backup Strategy: Define a backup schedule (daily recommended) and retention period for your backups.
    • Granular Recovery Options: Enable options for granular recovery of specific objects if needed.
    • Security: Set strong passwords and access controls for the RMAD server and backup repositories.

    General Use:

    • Testing: Regularly test your backups to ensure successful restores.
    • Documentation: Document your RMAD configuration and procedures for easy reference.

    Additional Resources:

    By following these recommendations, you can ensure a smooth and successful online2yu deployment of RMAD for your Active Directory environment.