How Can I Split a Password-Protected PDF File?

Many users use Password-protected files. Some users ask the question “How can I split a Password Protected PDF file without losing any information”? Splitting a PDF document means splitting/dividing a PDF file into many pages or parts. PDF Password Protected files are those documents that are protected by some password. I can suggest an easy and simple tool that helps to divide a Password-protected PDF document. I recommend you to the OSTtoPSTAPP Split PDF Tool helps in splitting a Password Protected document without losing any information. This software secures your files after splitting. This application is easy and simple for all users. Utilize the free demo edition of this application for free of cost.
  • Password-protected files are those PDF files that are protected and secure with a passcode. In modern technology, some users are unable to split a PDF file that is password-protected. Right now, I recommend the SameTools PDF Pro Software, which lets you divide or split a password-protected PDG file. With PDF Pro Software, PDF files can be split, locked, unlocked, and merged. Moreover, it watermarks and transforms PDF files into pictures. To divide a password-protected PDF file, users need to enter the correct password to unlock it. Every Windows version is compatible with this application.