Remote Scan in VMware Environment Linux Based Thin Client

Good afternoon.  We run a VMWare environment with Linux based Thin Clients (10zig).  Currently USB scanning is subpar on the VDI's.  Utilizing the USB passthrough or even the VMWare redirect is not optimal.  I am trying to follow your documentation for installation but everything seems to be labeled terminal server\citrix.  Do you have any documentation that shows how to utilize this software in a VMWare environment, with WIndows OS VDI's operating on a linux based Thin client?  

  • Hi Tony. For Linux endpoints, the installation is a little more complex. One reason is that RemoteScan must run inside Windows. One solution others have used is to setup a user-less standalone Windows machine running on-prem which you can connect the scanners to via USB. You can also optionally setup an on-prem local Linux machine running a local (non-VDI) Windows guest VM. You would then install RemoteScan and the local scanner drivers on the on-prem Windows OS. Next would be to setup RemoteScan to run as a Windows background service since no users will be logged into that box. From there, connect that Windows machine/VM to the network where the user's remote application is hosted (typically using VPN). Final step would be to configure RemoteScan in the user's remote environment to use Direct IP method of connection and then specify the IP that routes to the user-less standalone Windows OS machine. You can concurrently connect multiple scanners to this standalone machine in order to service multiple scanning workstations.