How Mods Shaped Minecraft's History

The foundation of the video game Minecraft is unrestricted creative freedom. Players can build anything they want, from elaborate redstone contraptions to pixel art representations of their favorite pop culture figures. However, because players have historically used modding to produce their own material, this freedom has never been restricted to in-game actions. In the game, players can prepare a enough amount of Minecraft for Windows Game Coins.


Minecraft's modding community is one of, if not the most dedicated of its kind. Since the game's inception, modders have been creating content that drastically changes gameplay. It even influenced the future of Minecraft, creating the main game fans have today.


History of Minecraft Mods

The first mods that came out in the classic phase of Minecraft consisted mostly of server-based mods that facilitated automation. For example, it is possible to have all the blocks in the Spleef mini-game arena replenished at once. During Minecraft's alpha phase, mods that add content to the base game became more common. Some of these mods will make Minecraft feel like a different game, while others will only enhance specific aspects of the experience.


The game's trajectory will be most affected during Minecraft's beta phase, when Mojang will implement content from external sources. Minecraft's Smooth Lighting feature is the result of a partnership between Mojang and a player named MrMessiah, who originally created a mod in 2010. Another more important addition is the Pistons, the result of a collaboration with modder Hippoplatimus. It's hard to overstate how important pistons are to Minecraft's development history, given their place in many complex contraptions today.


This trend slows down after Minecraft's beta phase, but still happens from time to time. The End Dimension for Minecraft isn't a direct mod-based addition, but its existence can be attributed in part to the popularity of the Aether mod. Minecraft's trainable horse is indeed the result of a direct collaboration between Dr. Zhark and Mojang, though. With each addition of modified content, there is a consistent underlying theme of achieving the direction players want the game to go in.


The early days of Minecraft were full of mystery and intrigue. The infamous Minecraft Herobrine creepypasta is an example where the player imagines something outside of the game, ultimately enhancing the gaming experience. Imaginative youngsters will satisfy their curiosity by installing mods that are unusual for traditional Minecraft servers. What's special about mods isn't the mods themselves, but how they allow players to realize their vision for the game.


With a proliferation of modders and player-created projects, the creativity and inspiration sparked by Minecraft ten years ago are still alive and well today. Minecraft is a pillar of video games, and mods that add spells or a completely new dimension continue to draw attention just as they did years ago. You may find additional gaming guides at