If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's rumored 2023 expansion is successful, it must be priced right

Due to the absence of a primary release for the IP in 2023, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 must deliver two years' worth of content. These problems are ones that the series hasn't faced in nearly two decades. It is already evident how challenging it will be for the game to genuinely engage fans in the upcoming year because of the title's reported lack of substance in the base game. In the game, players can prepare a enough amount of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points.


With that in mind, with recent rumors of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-specific expansion set for release in 2023, many assumed the confirmation the series would receive this year as a "full premium release" refers to this DLC. Although from This expansion would greatly increase the amount of content Modern Warfare 2 has, both from a single-player and multiplayer standpoint, but the so-called content price tag is still a major deal-breaker for many fans.


Rumored content for Call of Duty 2023

Rumors that Call of Duty's mysterious 2023 content could be an expansion pack for Modern Warfare 2 have been so widespread that there's even been a lot of information circulating about what impact the expansion pack might have on the title. It is said that the main content of the expansion pack involves the single-player mode of "Modern Warfare 2", and the DLC is mainly to further promote the narrative of the "Modern Warfare" reboot through a series of new missions.


It's also been rumored that this expansion pack will feature multiplayer content in the form of a comprehensive map pack featuring remastered maps from the original Modern Warfare 2. While this is certainly an exciting prospect for many fans, the fact that this rumored expansion pack is labeled as a full premium release suggests that it will be priced the same as the full AAA installment of the franchise, which of course has its problems.


The cost of the Modern Warfare 2 2023 expansion

With rumors that an expansion pack for Modern Warfare 2 could cost upwards of $70, it's clear that there will be questions and criticism. The rising cost of video games in general is a point of growing tension in the industry, with the recent news about the price of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom being an example of growing consumer anger.


Of course, Call of Duty fans have been content to pay full price for the game's annual release, but what the rumored MW2 expansion will cover will have to be much more stringent to justify the full price in the eyes of many. While the campaign expansion and multiplayer map pack are a welcome addition to the game, the current perception among many fans is that the DLC has to have more comprehensive and impactful content to come close to warranting such a hefty price tag.


Charging fans an additional $70 for the expansion may be a wait to happen given that gamers already paid the full price for the game's main game and that many are already criticizing Modern Warfare 2 for its lack of free post-launch content. a PR catastrophe. If the reported MW2 expansion for 2023 wants to escape potential mass criticism, it will need to provide a deeper and larger gaming experience or at the very least charge a less, more reflective price when it ultimately releases. You may get more gaming guides at heckofadesign.com.