Default Paper Size Not Applying

I'm having an issue with a single user in my environment. We replaced the user's PC and scanner (DocketPort 687), and now the default paper size for scan jobs is not applying. The default paper size in our portal is set to 3.5" x 2.5", about the size of a business card or insurance card. However, this user's scan size keeps reverting to 8.5" x 11". This causes the resultant image to appear too small. We've verified that the settings are correct in the portal, and setting up other PCs in the same manner as this one does not replicate the issue, it is only happening with this one user on this one PC. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scanner/OS info is below:

Scanner: DocketPort 687

User PC OS (RemoteScan Server Side): Windows 11 build 10.0.22621.2715

Windows Server OS (RemoteScan Client Side): Windows Server 2016 build 10.0.14393.6614