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Add Columns Target Table

Hello All,

I want to add two columns on traget  oracle table which are not present on source oracle table and  in 1 column i want to insert the  source performed transaction time and in second column i want to insert apply transaction of target system.

Any solution please ?

  • Hi isshaik1,

    Did you find any solution? I do have exact same issue and could not find any solution so far.

    With Regards,


  • This should be possible with SharePlex Change Data Capture - see the SharePlex Administrator's Guide (Configure Replication to A Change History Target) and the SharePlex Reference Guide (MetaData Category).   For the timestamp on the target, you may have to use a database trigger.

    For specific assistance in your particular environment, you may want to engage our Services organization and/or a partner.  You Account Manager should be able to help you contact Services or a partner.