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Mutiple shareplex connections from different source system tables(spread across different databases and servers) to same target system table


We are planning to use shareplex for data replication and transformation based on CDC from various source database tables to target database tables. The source and target systems are Oracle database in this case. The target database serves as a reporting database for operational reporting. We are also looking to leverage shareplex to perform minor data transformations. As I understand it can be achieved by writing PL/SQL procedures and these transformations will be performed on the fly along with data replication. Can you confirm that there wont be any performance bottleneck when using PL.SQL procedures for data transformation?

There are multiple source systems spread across different databases across different servers. Say there are 3 source systems, and few columns from first,second and third database tables need to be replicated to a single target database table in real time.Is it possible ? Do we have any limitation on the number of allowed parallel Shareplex connections to a single target table?

Thank You

  • The short answer is that SharePlex should be able to accomplish what you've described - for the transformations, you may or may not need to use PL/SQL, depending on exactly what you need done.   Using a PL/SQL procedure will be slower than "simple" posting, because the PL/SQL routine will be called for every record; this might or might not be an issue.

    I'd really recommend you reach out to your Account Executive and ask for a call with one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your specific application.  If you message me privately with your contact information, I can get something set up.

    Clay Jackson


  • Thank you Clay for the quick reply.

    Could you also comment on whether real time data integration( replication and transformation) is possible from multiple source tables(spread across various servers) to same target table?. Would there be any locking happening to target table? Or would the data load to the target table has to be planned sequentially? Does Shareplex allows sequential data replication/transformation from various source tables to same target table?



  • Again, really best addressed in a conversation or WebEx - SharePlex certainly supports the ability to send transactions to a target from multiple sources.  On the target, locking and contention would happen just as if the transactions originated from SQL*PLUS or some other application.