Target database for Replicate

I am looking at Shareplex replication and check how it can used in our project.  I have few question.

1. I want to sync from Oracle db to couchDB. is it possible to do it using Shareplex .

2. Can the sync happen dynamically at run-time. If the source db is changed with a DML operation on a table. can the change be propagated to destination db which is couchdb in my case. 

3. Also, can it do bidirectional syncing. For any changes in couchdb will it be synced with oracle db.

4. What are the other target databases does Shareplex support.

Does it support the following databases:

  a) SQLite

b) Apache derby

c) Oracle Express Editiong

d) NO SQL Db: Oracle No SQL

e) No SQL DB: Apache Casandra.

f) Mongo DB