updating a license


This procedure assumes that a license key for Shareplex has been received.

The splex_add_key executable is used to add the key or replace the existing key.
To run splex_add_key, follow the steps below.

NOTE: SharePlex can be running during the procedure. Verify that SP_SYS_VARDIR is set correctly in the environment.

1. Change to the /install directory.

To run splex_add_key 
Log on to the system as the SharePlex Administrator.
Run sp_ctrl on the machine where you want to install a license key.
If SharePlex is running, shut it down.
sp_ctrl> shutdown
Run splex_add_key from the install sub-directory of the SharePlex product directory.
$ /proddir/install/splex_add_key
The NOTE says I can update the license with shareplex running....but then says to shutdown in the procedure
Can I keep shareplex up and replicating when I run   splex_add_key?