SharePlex by Quest 10.0: 19c and Kafka and SQL Server, oh my!

Speaking for the entire team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of SharePlex® by Quest 10.0, with additional support for Oracle 19c, Kafka and SQL Server! 

Expanded Oracle 19c coverage represents our ongoing commitment to the Oracle market. More exciting though, is the new investment in non-Oracle targets, which is a direct result of enthusiasm about and belief in SharePlex from the executive leadership team at Quest. 

SharePlex 10.0 expands Oracle 19c coverage to include AIX, AWS RDS, Exadata, Linux 8, Solaris and Windows. As Oracle winds down support timelines for older versions (including the end of Extended Support for 11.2 in December 2020), our customers look to avoid additional support fees by adopting Oracle 19c (Oracle’s Long Term Release). Numerous Quest customers running Linux have made the move already—now with the additional platform coverage introduced in SharePlex 10.0, our non-Linux users can make the jump to 19c. If you want to make the move to AWS RDS while you are at it, we’ve got you covered. For those of you assessing how to deal with Oracle removing RAC from Standard Edition in Oracle 19c, know that SharePlex for Oracle provides a viable alternative, offering you scalability, availability, rolling upgrades and disaster recovery in place of RAC.

In our customer base, and in the market in general, we continue to see interest in and adoption of Kafka to support a wide range of data movement and streaming analytic use cases. Getting data from Oracle to Kafka, simply and in real-time, is a strength for SharePlex. We are excited about helping more of our customers on their Kafka journey, and now support up to version 2.5 of Kafka. 

Another trend we see is customers creating data warehouses in SQL Server in order to take advantage of Microsoft BI Tools. In pure SQL Server environments, this is reasonably easy, but in mixed environments a key challenge is getting data from enterprise Oracle applications into the data mart. While some are satisfied with batch type ETL processes, we hear about ongoing business pressure to speed up access to data. If you have been considering implementing a SQL Server data warehouse, or have one and have struggled to get your Oracle data there in real-time, know that SharePlex is a proven option to make it happen.

If you are an existing customer, you can download SharePlex 10.0 on the Quest Support site.  For new customers, or existing customers looking to explore SharePlex for Kafka or SharePlex for SQL Server, contact your sales representative who can talk with you about the new capabilities.