Shareplex replication data traffic statistics


I'm new to Shareplex product. We use it for replication across DCs.  Although we have stats for the backlog, I'm looking for replication data traffic stats  happening between the DCs for monitoring the bandwidth utilization and .furture estimate. 

Is there a way to pull those stats off  Shareplex  if it does provide those to be able create Grafana dashboard?


  • There's no direct way to pull network traffic statistics out of SharePlex; but I will submit an enhancement request (no promises when or if it will be added).   In the meantime, you should be able to use  the statistics from "show capture detail" and "show post detail" to calculate total latency.   You can also use "show export detail" to see packet sizes, and transmission rates; however be aware that the rates shown in "show export detail" reflect the timings between the export process and the system TCP/IP processes on the SOURCE only, they do NOT reflect network transmission rates.

  • Yes, please do submit an enhancement. I believe it is a necessary feature to add with a value addition.  I'll check out the suggested commands  and see if  I can use those for our metrics

    Thanks much!. 

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