Quest SharePlex 10.1 delivers OLTP compression on Oracle 19c and new security features for Kafka

Quest is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SharePlex 10.1, which includes support for OLTP Compression (also known as Advanced Compression) on Oracle 19c and adds new security features for Kafka targets.

OTLP Compression is an Oracle Enterprise Edition feature used by customers to reduce their storage footprint. This is now supported for customers running Oracle 19c on Linux, AIX and Solaris platforms. Please ensure that you read the release notes carefully as support for this feature is dependent on Oracle patch 3252230. As of the 10.1 release date, Oracle has not yet provided a patch for Oracle running on Windows. Once that patch is available from Oracle, our team will start the QA effort to support it on the Windows operating system.

The widespread adoption of Kafka, plus the ability to move data literally anywhere from Kafka, make SharePlex for Kafka compelling for expanding the possible places you can move your Oracle data. Based on user requests, we have added SSL encryption and authentication through SASL and Kerberos in SharePlex 10.1. See the “Configuration examples by datasource and target” section in the SharePlex Administrators guide for more details.

Finally, check out the recent review on IT Central from one of our enterprise customers who uses SharePlex for Oracle-to-Oracle and Oracle-to-Kafka replication. In that review, he shares what I consistently hear from our customers—SharePlex is enterprise grade, reliable, well priced, simpler than the competition, and has a support team that our competitors dream about.