Expanded Microsoft Azure support with SharePlex 10.1.1

As customers continue their digital transformation strategies, cloud based services offer compelling opportunities to modernize architectures and reduce overhead. To help support Oracle customers looking to take advantage of services in Microsoft Azure, we are please to announce support for Event Hubs (available in SharePlex 10.1.0 and higher) and Azure SQL Database (available in SharePlex 10.1.1).

While there has been a market trend of customers looking to migrate away from Oracle, it is obvious to those in the trenches that it is very difficult to move away from Oracle entirely, and that a more pragmatic approach can also involve making Oracle databases co-exist and/or integrate with new technology applications.  One pattern we observe is customers replacing their Oracle data warehouses and reporting systems with re-imagined data warehouse/data analytics solutions in the cloud.  This, of course, necessitate the ongoing movement of data from remaining legacy Oracle OLTP systems into these new applications.

Adoption of Azure SQL Database as a reporting replacement for Oracle is one common strategy.  SharePlex 10.1.1 enables customer to replicate changes from Oracle in real time to Azure SQL DB, ensuing that the reporting instances are always up to date.  For customers who want to take advantage of other Azure technologies, like Azure Synapse, SharePlex can get your Oracle changes into the Azure ecosystem by streaming changes to Azure Event Hubs, which can in turn make the data available to any Azure Event Hub consumer. 

In addition to the Azure support, SharePlex 10.1.1. also adds support for SQL Server 2019 (Target).

SharePlex 10.1.1 is available for download now from Quest Support.