why is can not open Toad for Oracle suddently?

Can anyone know and fix a issue that it can not open Toad for Oracle?

This application works well at my PC in past, but it can not open it suddently this morning. It does not work even I removed all old version and installed new version 15.1 at my PC today. However, it works when I installed the new version at a new machine.

It will be appreciated for any suggestions to fix it.


  • Hi Xiangy,

    Good Morning,

    My name is Edgar and I work in the Toad technical support team.

    It seems that this post was entered in the Quest Shareplex product forum and thus no one from the Toad technical support team was watching it.

    Quick question, is this issue still persisting? I can see that this post is 1 month old.

    If yes, since there are no error message or logs here, please open a ticket with our Toad technical support team, so we can help you right away.

    Here is the link in order to open the ticket.


    Please, let me know if you have any questions,

    Thank you so much,

    Edgar Ueno

    Quest support team