SharePlex 10.2 expands Oracle Cloud and Azure platform support

Here at Quest, the SharePlex team has been busy working on improving the product and expanding platform support. Today, I’m pleased to announce that SharePlex 10.2 is now available.

Our customers and partners continue to tell us about their cloud strategies. To help our customers that are moving to Oracle Cloud, we have expanded source and target coverage to include Oracle Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS), Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and Oracle running on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in Oracle Cloud. 

For customers adopting Azure, we have added target support for Azure SQL Managed Instances. We are trusted partners with Microsoft, and with this added to our existing Azure coverage, which includes IaaS support, Azure SQL Database, Azure Event Hubs and support for IaaS, we know that we have an even greater Azure offering.

Finally, we have thrown in a few other customer-driven requests, including support for Oracle extended data types, silent/scriptable ora_setup, and improvements to DDL capture when activating from an SCN.

While we feel good about this release, we have a much bigger one coming later this year.  I cannot divulge the details publicly, but I can tell you that we are very excited at how we think it will help our customers.  Stay tuned as we keep you on your toes with continuous SharePlex product enhancements.