SharePlex 11 is now available

SharePlex 11 is now available. This is a mighty release, arguably one of the most consequential SharePlex releases ever.  It is is primarily focused on PostgreSQL, has a few other gems (Snowflake, anyone?) that are sure to please.

You should (as always) review the release notes for the full details, but at a high level, I want you to know that the release supports:

  • PostgreSQL as a Source, including:
    • PostgreSQL <--> PostgreSQL, bi-directional with conflict resolution for HA/DR and horizontal scaling
    • PostgreSQL<--> Oracle, bi-directional with conflict resolution to de-risk Oracle migrations and ensure interoperability between migrated and non-migrated systems
    • PostgreSQL to Snowflake, SQL Server, Kafka, to ensure that your PostgreSQL system can feed data to other applications in your environment
  • Snowflake as a Target, with both Oracle Source and PostgreSQL Source
  • Security upgrades
    • TLS 1.3
    • Upgraded ciphers

License keys issued for versions prior to 11 will be incompatible with SharePlex 11.x.  This means that existing customers should obtain a new license key before installing and/or upgrading to SharePlex 11.x.  To do so, please refer to the Licensing Assistance page on Support Portal.

 If you have any questions about the release, please contact me at