SharePlex 11.1 delivers support for active/active cross-region PostgreSQL replication on Azure and AWS DBaaS

I’m excited to announce another impressive SharePlex release with enhancements for PostgreSQL, Oracle and Kafka, as well as security improvements that apply across all platforms.  You should always make sure to consult the release notes for details, but below are a few of the highlights. 

Coming on the heels of our 11.0 release which introduced SharePlex for PostgreSQL source, this release adds source support for PostgreSQL DBaaS. While all of the primary replication use cases are supported, the most important is that SharePlex now provides low-latency active/active cross-region replication for DBaaS environments.  We support both AWS and Azure, but have been especially active working with a customer on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Having watched PostgreSQL (and SharePlex) at several of our largest customers, I have great confidence that our technology can help others adopting PostgreSQL databases (community or DBaaS) to support the same kind of mission critical deployments for which they currently use Oracle.

In addition to the PostgreSQL features, some other items of note include:

  • Support for Oracle 21c
  • The ability to post data to Kafka partition by a hash on the messagekey
  • The ability to run on FIPS enabled Linux systems
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 3.0.8

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