SharePlex 11.2 includes Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL Support

I’m pleased to announce that the 11.2 SharePlex release (available now) supports Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL as both a source and a target, enabling customers who want to take advantage of SharePlex replication in Google Cloud’s fully managed relational database service.  Using SharePlex, Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL customers can create active/active, cross-region PostgreSQL database architectures with automated conflict detection and resolution, move PostgreSQL data to other platforms like Kafka, SQL Server and Oracle, and even create an active/active PostgreSQL/Oracle architecture to de-risk the most mission critical migrations away from Oracle.

 The 11.2 release also contains two other platform support additions:

  1. SQL Server 2022
  2. PostgreSQL 15

 We have more great stuff right around the corner, so stay tuned…