SharePlex 11.4, with PostgreSQL Compare/Repair is now available.

On behalf of the entire SharePlex team, I’m pleased to announce that SharePlex 11.4 is now generally available!

One of our most used/loved SharePlex for Oracle features is Compare/Repair.  It is not a single feature, but rather a collection of 35+ smaller features and parameters that provide a flexible set of synchronization features for addressing out-of-sync situations that might arise in a replication environment.  The 11.4 release adds those features for PostgreSQL to to PostgreSQL replication.

The full details of all of the changes are available in the release notes, but some of the other highlights are:

  • Support for JSON and JSONB in PostgreSQL Logical Replication
  • Support for PostgreSQL 16
  • Support for failover slots in Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Performance improvements for Snowflake
  • Support for RedHat Enterprise Linux 9
  • Support for SharePlex in Dockers containers

As always, if you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to me directly at