Spotlight causing performance issues?

One of out SQL Servers was having performance and the application team claims it was Spotlight causing the issue.  I am attempting to determine if this is true and was wondering if there is any information available related to this?


  • Hi Paul,

    You might want to try using Spotlight to monitor its own activity to determine the amount of workload or waits on the instance. You can use the Workload Analysis and Wait Event dashboards to isolate Spotlight’s load on the instance. Make sure the Connections Properties | Advanced Options | Exclude Spotlight from Wait Events and Workload Analysis option is disabled. Then use the dashboard’s workload dimensional tree to hone down on Spotlight transactions and amount of workload and events they’re imposing on the instance. Leverage the time frame selector to analyze the activity over time.

    Hope that helps out.

    Spotlight Support

  • Thanks Gita - I appreciate the input.