Exporting Historical Execution Plans from Spotlight


Often I'm required to access execution plan information that goes beyond our operational server's caching.  Spotlight is a great help in providing that analysis if I need to go back and find out what happened with a problem SPID in a deadlock or blocking scenario, even just long running sprocs.

Often times, however, I'd like to share this information with a vendor or contractor who does not have access to our Spotlight monitoring clients.  Is there a way to export the historical (older) execution plan from Spotlight?  The current method I'm employing is embarrassingly plebian and less than convenient for my target audience; paste patched screen snippets!!  

Where might that info be stored in the playback or repository dbs, if no export is available from the client viewer?

Thanks so much for any help offered!  It's such a convenient tool. I'd love to be able to work with it more cooperatively!

Have a great week!


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