Blocking Notification is Reversed and Blank

Is anyone else running into this problem on Spotlight Enterprise (v13.5.3.2341)?

We receive the configure alarm notice.  But the email lists the Blocker as the Blocked, and leaves the Blocker entry blank.  Like this:

Spotlight has raised an alarm:

Connection: BIserver
Time: Wednesday, September 07, 2022 1:00:48 AM
Severity: High

Locks - Blocked Processes: Session 337 is blocking sessions 338, 163, 151 and 211 for a maximum of 6 minutes 25 seconds

Blocking Details

Blocking session:

Database name:
Application name:
Host name:
Host process:
OS User name:
Database User name:
First 2KB of SQL:

Blocked session:

Database name: ODS
Application name: Qlik Sense
Host name: BIRPTserver
Host process: 1276
OS User name:
Database User name: BIReportAccount
First 2KB of SQL: (content omitted by poster )

So the listed "Blocked session" is actually Session 337, the blocker.  This has been going on for quite some time.  So, unfortunately, I don't have an indication of when it stopped working properly and started doing this omission & reversal.  I'll probably end up posting this to support, but if anyone has any observations, please advise!

Thanks so much!