Is there a preferred method for reaching Spotlight on SQL Sales?

I have been trying to reach out to Quest Sales for almost two weeks to ask some questions about our current Spotlight on SQL licensing and, if needed, purchase some additional licensing. I apologize for posting to this forum but I appear to have run out of other options. I have tried going through all of these official channels but have gotten no response.

11/16/2023 (12 days ago) - I submitted a contact request through the Quest website. I received the acknowledgement email that a rep would be contacting me, but have received nothing.

11/21/2023 (7 days ago) - I called the 1-800 number for Quest and left a message on the Sales extension. So far I have not received any contact back.

11/27/2023 (Yesterday) - I accidentally spawned two more sales support requests via the website in my attempt to find a phone number or email address direct to sales support. Finding none I called again and figured maybe I could go through another channel to get connected to a sales support rep. I chose the option for "Licensing" and was able to speak to a live person. We both acknowledged that she was not the person to answer my questions but hopefully she could get me connected to the right person. She offered to forward my request to the Quest Sales Department and noted I should hear from someone the next day. It is nearing the end of that next day and I have still not been contacted by a representative from Quest.

I realize that this time frame was interrupted by the Thanksgiving holiday but the lack of any response, especially for a sales request, should be concerning.