Does STAT 6.2 post migration steps run only on the central agent machine as opposed to running locally...?

Does STAT 6.2 post migration steps run only on the remote central agent machine as opposed to running locally...? We've Stat 6.1 currently and all our custom post migration steps like Project builds & DMS scripts execution trigger locally on the stat client machine.

  • We are in a similar situation now that we are upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2.  We have post-migration tasks that need to run locally on the client desktop such as executing SQLPlus scripts (we run these interactively, so they have to run on the client).  From what I've gathered from speaking with Quest support is that even with the new "Local Custom Command" post-migration step type, the command still runs on the agent server and executes the command via ssh from the agent server to my desktop.  Are there any recommended ssh products (BitVise was mentioned) and instructions on how to configure the ssh application to accomplish this?  We need ssh to connect with our personal desktops using our personal network credentials and not with a generic account.  Does anyone know why the old 6.1 client execution was replaced with a server ssh to client execution?  This has complicated what used to be a simple process.

  •  "Local Custom Command" post-migration steps run locally on Windows Client by Windows Client, not by Central Agent. 

  • I'm using Local Custom Command.  I was told by Quest support that it does this by executing the command from the Agent Server via ssh to my desktop.  The post migration task fails immediately and I have to believe it's because we don't have ssh configured to work from server to desktop.



  • only "Custom Commands" pre and post migration steps run by Central Agent. All other steps run locally. 

  • Thanks. That's not the information I'm being given by Quest Support.  Do you work for Quest?  If so, can you review SR #4641373?



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