Question in Changing the Transfer Rules in STAT 5.8.0

When changing the transfer rules for one step, I have a "Class: Apps Managers." How do I change the approver to this "Class: Apps Managers" to a different user who is in the "Apps Managers" queue?

Basically, what determines the user who is the approver for the "Class: Apps Managers?" Is it the owner of the "Apps Managers" queue for the specific domain?

And, after I change the approver, will it take effect on existing STAT CSRs, or new STAT CSRs only?


  • Class apps managers is different from Managers queue. If you setup the workflow approval type class called apps manager then Stat will list all the users from the Apps Manager class. If there is a specific person that you would like to add to this user class then go to Maintenance | Security Settings | User Maintenance | locate the user and add the Apps Manager class to this user. Any changes you made will be effective on the new csr. By the way, you are running an unsupported version of Stat. I would suggest you upgrade to 6.2 as soon as possible. Here is the link to download 6.2.

    The upgrade path from 5.8 to 6.2 would be as follow:

    Stat db:

    5.8 --> 6.0 -->  6.2

    Stat central agent:

    Install 6.2 agent

    Please feel free to create a SR with support if you need further assistant.