Should the staging database retain custom objects after migration?

From the Stat! user guide:

"For PeopleSoft proprietary objects, Stat creates a PeopleSoft project that contains the archived objects. This project is created in a staging database, which is simply a temporary holding bin for objects. Once the objects are staged, you complete the migration in PeopleSoft by pushing the project from the staging database to the target environment."

This sounds like the staging database does not retain objects after migration.  But, we are finding that that is not the case.  If I create a custom SQL object in app designer in Dev for example, and migrate to Tst via Stat, now that custom SQL object also exists in the staging database.  Stat! says in their install notes that you can use a PS DEMO database as the staging database, which is what we have been doing.  But now our DEMO environment is no longer a vanilla Demo, as it has retained all of our customizations that have been migrated via Stat.  Is this working as designed?

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