Question on migration using STAT on new Upgraded PeopleSoft PeopleTools version

Hi Guys,


I am searching for forum related to my question and I got the mixed results.

So I thought to ask here, Let me explain my environments details:


We have PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.54.13

STAT version: 6.1 

Upgrading the PeopleTools only upgrade from 8.54.13 to 8.58.03


Currently we have the below workflow/ migration path for PeopleTools 8.54 .



During Upgrade the PeopleTools to 8.58, 

Once we have completed the first phase of Upgrade on COP (copy of Production), than this COP will be 8.58.03 version.

My question is how I accommodate COP (8.58.03) environment in STAT to perform migration.

I am aware I need to:

1.) setup new Work Flow and Migration path which looks like below

     COP (as consider as Development env with 8.58.03 version) ---> TEST (8.54.13) ----> PROD (8.54.13).

2) .Add COP under PeopleSoft connect database details and choose the version 8.58 from drop down.

3) Do I need to build new Staging for above new migration path?

My question is, does the above point 1 and 2 are correct or will work.

Or please let me know if there is any other suggestion.

Please suggest.