Automatically change CSR Upper Date Limit

Enhancement idea:

There is a system date parameter called CSR Upper Date Limit that is likely set at the time of install and never looked at again until it causes an issue.  There is a lower date and and upper date, and certain (most) CSR reports use this range to limit the CSRs that are displayed on the reports.  

The lower date possibly makes sense if you have a large number of old closed CSRs that you have no interest in having on your report, though in most cases you can probably use the date parameters provided with the report to exclude them.

Unless it is used for more than just limiting CSRs that appear on reports, I can't come up with a good reason why you would want to have the upper date be earlier than the current date.  Perhaps there may be some unusual reason why you would want to temporarily set that to a date less than the current date, but I can't think of one.  And even in that case, I would assume that normally at installation time it is set well into the future, and the current System Admin guide states that the default is January 1, 2025, so presumably having that date set well into the future is a generally desirable thing.  We installed in 2004, and our date was set to January 1, 2020 so it was set to well into the future though we eventually went past it.

I would suggest that this upper date parameter either be removed, or, if it is retained that the system automatically increments it if the current date is past the upper date limit.  Perhaps some system process could check once a day (for example, just after midnight each day) and if it finds the current date exceeds the upper limit then the upper date limit is modified to a later date, say, the current date +1 year.   If someone had a temporary need to change that date for reporting purposes and wanted a date earlier than the current date, they could change the date and run their reports.  The system would then automatically change the date again early the following morning to current date + 1 year so that the reports that use this date limit would then run as expected for the normal case where you want all CSRs up to and including the current date to be included.

This parameter is something most users and admins probably have no idea that it even exists, and it is easily forgotten even for those who may be aware since it is generally set well into the future,  If I was aware of it in 2004, I had forgotten about it by 2020, and had no clue that I needed to go change that before January 1, 2020, and I imagine I am not alone in this.  It only was identified after several days of troubleshooting with Quest support as to why our CSR reports only included closed CSRs but none created recently.  This happened because we had the date set to January 1, 2020 and we are now far enough into the year that none of our open reports have a date less than January 1, 2020.  I imagine our reports were correct at the beginning of the year, and over time gradually were less and less accurate as new open CSRs with dates greater than January 1 were eliminated from the reports.