Does STAT support or work with Oracle Fusion SAAS and PAAS


We are exploring the migration and version tool and we have the enterprise license for STAT tool.

I would like to check few details in respect to STAT with Oracle Fusion SASS and PAAS.

We have Oracle Fusion ERP/HCM SAAS and PAAS environments, I am aware STAT support the Oracle Apps and other generic application.

I need to check the following,
- Do STAT support Oracle Fusion SAAS? Do it support SAAS objects?: if we can setup the STAT on OCI cloud and connect to SAAS environments.
- Do STAT support PAAS? Do it support PAAS objects? if we can setup the STAT on OCI cloud and connect to PAAS environments.

Please let us know if we can achieve the above requirement, it will be really a helpful if we can use STAT for these.


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  • Hi Prabhjeet,

    Sorry, for the delay. I didn't answer before because I was aware you had to meet our Solution Architect thought SR 5092964.

    I guess you have had a more detailed info there and a summary, Stat does not support Oracle Fusion ERP/HCM. It is an entirely different product that PeopleSoft HCM. All changes must be made in Oracle Fusion ERP using their tools.

    We can support Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft in IaaS and PaaS.  But can't support Oracle Fusion ERP. There will be no SaaS solution for Stat.

    Best Regards,

    Giovanbattista Raiano