Stat 5. 8 archive set feature is disable in STAT 6.3 version

In our existing STAT 5.8 application
After creating the Archive set, We are getting option to change "File From" (Work/Environment),
but this option is disable in STAT 6.3 after creating the Archive set. Please enable this option in 6.3. This option is very time saving.

  • In response to your inquiry, our team checked the available documentation for Stat 5.8 and 6.3 for documented changes in this feature.
    Both Sys_Admin guides show that the Baseline is generated automatically by Stat from the Base environment in the Migration Path.
    From experience, we agree that it has always worked as described above. Nevertheless, it is interesting the capability of creating a mixed Baseline.
    Considering that many changes in the coding have taken place from 5.8 to 6.3, this feature might have been dropped for either security, auditing, or improvement reasons.
    Based on the importance deemed to this feature to your organization, I may suggest you submit an enhancement/feature request. Please submit your request through the following link:
    Once the request is completed, your idea will be posted to vote by Project Management and R&D for a decision. If your request is selected, it will be implemented in a later release.