EBS APPS password is visible in Stat OA log file in debug mode

When migrating a SQL Script, the OA log shows the APPS password.

This should not be visible in the log.

Hotfix F didn't completely correct the issue.

  • Hello Amanda,

    Do you mean that the fix mentioned in HF-f

    "EBS APPS password is visible in Stat OA log file addressed with # STAT-5749"

    Is not correcting the issue at all?

    If that is so, I will address this with our Dev Team, and also I would like you to share with me the repercussions of this issue:

    - Risks depending on this password being revealed.

    - Assets involved in this risk.

    - Approximate number of people involved.

    - What would happen if the password is revealed?

    Thank you!

  • Amanda, please email us directly and keep this communication in a safer channel.



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