Creating a CSR from Template can bypass all workflow Statuses and Approval requirements.

If someone creates a CSR Template from a CSR where the status has advanced, this can bypass all approvals when they create a new CSR from template.

A new CSR (from template or not) should always start at the Start status.

Can this be corrected?

  • Hello Amanda,

    According to the technical documentation, the feature is working as expected as it allows you to specify default CSR values by saving a CSR as a template.

    When you save a CSR as a template, the values displayed in specific fields of that CSR become the default settings for new CSRs created within the same service domain. These are the fields that will be impacted in the CSR template:
    •CSR type
    •CSR status
    •CSR priority
    •Assigned User

    That being said, the CSR template is correctly reflecting the status of the CSR according to the workflow rules.

    To resolve this, make sure to save the Template at the correct CSR status.

  • I understand that it is being created by the current csr status, in my opinion that is the problem.

    If someone creates a Template and the status has advanced, this can bypass all approvals when they create a new CSR from template.

    The CSR Status should not be included when creating a CSR from Template.

    Can this be logged as a defect or enhancement?

  • In general, who set and configures the product is the Stat Admin, which means not everybody can create a CSR Template, so it is the Admin's responsibility how to create the CSR Templates according to the manual and how it is designed. So far, the product behaves as designed and expected. In case you have other needs than what the actual setting does, please feel free to log an ER, in our community idea, providing the business need or how this behavior impacts your business. The ER is a process where your ER will be voted on by the PM and Dev team and depending on the functionality it will be implemented or rejected.

  • A CSR template is individual to each user.  The Template that I create as an Admin isn't available to other users.

  • A new ER STAT-6004 has been identified to be implemented per your request.