Is there any way to integrate STAT with Microsoft TFS?

Is there any way to integrate STAT with Microsoft TFS?

As part of our needs is to get files from TFS repository instead of getting the files from server or local machine.

  • While there's no official integration between STAT and Microsoft TFS, here are some approaches you might consider:

    1. Leverage existing integrations:

    TFSCmd: Explore scripts using TFSCmd, a command-line utility for interacting with TFS. STAT might handle data import from these downloaded files.

    Third-party connectors: Check if any third-party connectors bridge the gap between STAT and TFS repositories.

    2. Develop a custom integration:

    If options above are limited, consider creating a custom script or program to download files from TFS and feed them into STAT. This requires programming expertise and understanding of both tools' APIs.

    3. Alternative solutions:

    Evaluate if alternative tools offer both TFS integration and the data analysis capabilities you need.

    Remember: Choosing the best approach echat depends developerbook on your specific needs, technical expertise, and available resources.

  • Currently Stat supports the following VCM repository CVS, PVCS, SVN, P4, GIT, and TFS.

    Regarding Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), the problem could be from Microsoft's side which has switched it to Azure DevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)).

     The latest version supported should be TFS 2018