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over 4 years ago

Mass Update "Migration by Release" archive sets

Currently the only way to assign a "Release" to an archive set is to open up each individual CSR, click on Archive Sets, click on the Archive Set that you want to assign, then click on Release and then select the Release and Save.  For clients with large quantities of CSRs to be migrated, this can be quite time consuming.  

I think that it would be great if something like the following could be implemented:

"Mass Update - Migrate by Release"

1) Select CSRs to be included (ability to filter by Status or by Project would be great)

    By Status - many clients will consider CSRs that are in a certain status to be a candidate for mass migration for a release, i.e. "Migrate to PROD" status

    By Project - some clients will use the Project field to indicate the targeted Release so that they can view the CSRs as an entire grouping and monitor them to see if any CSRs are being left behind

2) Show all archive sets for all CSRs, grouped by CSR, with the most recent archive set selected

3) Allow user to sort by CSR ID (ascending) + Archive ID (descending) [default sort] OR by Selection status + CSR ID

4) On same screen have a dropdown to select the Release

5) Once user clicks OK, all archive sets that have been selected will be marked with the selected Release.

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