Under Review
over 1 year ago

Object locking across Service Domains / Migration Paths

This is for schema objects.
We have 1 Oracle EBS Service Domain and multiple Generic Apps Service Domains.

- iWarranty uses the same EBS database as our Oracle EBS domain and is configured as such.

- SOA almost always includes an EBS plsql change with the custom file object change and is configured with the EBS database as well.

This gives us 2 options for Generic Apps CSRs:

1. Accept the risk of not being able to lock the schema objects, and the developers can open and work 1 CSR.

2. Or, open 2 CSRs (1 EBS for schema object changes, 1 Generic Apps for custom object change).

Our developers are looking for any weakness to exploit in Stat, and having to open multiple CSRs is considered one.
Therefore, it would be nice to be able to lock a schema object across Service Domains (and Migration Paths).