Under Review

Remove Modal Behavior for Choosing User to be Assigned CSR

Previously, (in the Stat Windows client) when moving the workflow forward in Stat, we were able to choose the user to whom the CSR should be assigned right after the workflow was moved forward.  Once they were chosen from the dropdown list, one could immediately do a Ctrl-S or press the save button and the CSR would be saved (assuming that is the last thing you needed to do with the CSR of course). 

Now, this selection is "modal" (it pops up in a window on top of the CSR), which means you have to choose the person from the list in the modal box and press OK which dismisses that box.  Only then can you save the CSR.  Needing to click the "OK" box is an extra step that does not add any value and just slows things down.  I used to use Ctrl-S right after selecting the person and I was done and could close the CSR.  Since this "OK" box procedure slows things down and adds no real value, a return to the way it used to work would be preferable.

  • Does anyone from Quest ever look at these requests?  This recently implemented change was not well thought out as described above, but it remains in the product and this suggestion languishes here with no customers and apparently no Quest employees looking at it.