Under Review

Remove Modal behavior for logs

Previously when using the Stat Windows client, log entries could be created, and text could be added to them while still being able to switch to oher windows/areas of the CSR.  So, for instance, one could create a migrator log that stated that a migration had occurred.  The next thing needed is, say, running a SQL script. The migrator could switch to the description tab to see that step is needed, and could then open the attachment for the SQl and run it, then return to add a line to the log stating that had occurred.  If there were additional steps required, each could be done by referring to the description tab, then maybe performing some system configuration for the PeopleSoft system, maybe opening an attachment that containned instructions on building a menu etc.  After each step, the migrator could add another line to the log, which made it easy to document the completion of each required task as they happen.  Only when all steps were complete did the CSR need to be saved, which would save the log entry.

With the new "modal" log box, you can create a log, but you have to save it (which my the way the default is set to cancel not save so it is easy to choose cancel and discard your change which is not a good setup) before you can do anything else.  If you perform other steps, then you have to go pick the correct current log from the saved ones, update it with a new line documenting the next step, then save it, and repeat that for as many steps as there may be.  This is very cumbesome compared with being able to just go back to the open loag as was the case before.  This encourages not documenting each step as it occurs, but waiting until the end to do so, which means that one may forget to docment steps that were completed.  It is good practice to document each step as it is completed, and this new modal behavior really makes that difficult.  

  • Does anyone from Quest ever look at these requests?  This recently implemented change was not well thought out as described above, but it remains in the product and this suggestion languishes here with no customers and apparently no Quest employees looking at it.