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over 7 years ago

Statadmin Web Login should have ability to start and stop all agent and its status.

Web login console should be more like an Enterprise grid control for STAT ADMIN, where he can see all agents that been deployed , it status, and ability to START and STOP various agents from there.

Ability to Blackout agents if downtime is there, so it shutdown agent at scheduled time and start up at scheduled time.

More we see now with Oracle Enterprise grid control.

  • I agree, that would have been really great feature.


    Kodi nox


  • I completed and deployed my own Automatic Agent Restart just this week.  It is a shell script that is scheduled using cron on the Stat Central Agent Server and does the following:

    1) If Stat Repository is down, email and exit.

    2) When Stat Central Agent is responding, continue

    3) Query Stat Repository for Agents not responding returning host names and Environment code

    4) For non responding agents call ssh using host name and Environment code to run local script: Stat.sh

    5) Local Script Stat.sh does the following:

        a)  Start Agent when agent OS Process is not running and EBS is up...

        b)  Do nothing when Stat Agent OS Process is not running and EBS is down

        c)  Do nothing when Stat Agent is down and EBS is down  

        d)  When Stat Agent is running and EBS is up, Abort and Restart agent when Stat log shows connection errors.



  • I agree, that would have been really great feature.

  • I would like to see something like this.. but if the full blown 'grid control' is not feasible..

    Can you at least provide us with some form of a 'statping' command.  Ie. 'statping' the Central Agent with the instance name and get a response that tells us whether Central Agent thinks the Oracle Agent is responding or not:

    statping ERPTST  

    - return 0 if status is 'Not responding'

    - return 1 if status is 'Responding'

    With that it'll be easy to do some scripting to monitor Oracle Agent status and automagically restart the agent if needed.

  • Before this idea is implemented the Stat Community would greatly appreciate a write up on the how this idea is to be implemented so we can give feedback on the design before it is implemented.  

    I would like to add the this idea the ability to restart the Agents automatically if down and not in a blackout.  Also be able to change the Log Level of the Agents.  I already implemented Stat Jobs to Start and Stop our EBS Agents and I intend to develop my own Automatic Agent restart Job once I figure out how Stat determines the EBS agents are not responding.  

    By the way, every Idea submitted shows "Under Review".    When are they really under review?  Ha Ha

    Also how are Ideas prioritized?